The Virtual tab Window Manager 5.4.7

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The Vtwm changelog


============ vtwm-5.4.7.tar,gz =============
In memoriam of D. J. Hawkey Jr. (aka djhjr), prepared by Callum Gibson

May 2005
VTWM 5.4.7 release

[add_window.c] [iconmgr.c] [parse.c] [screen.h] [twm.c]
Added PointerPlacement
Fix no-sound support

============ vtwm-5.4.N.tar.gz =============
hawkeyd@visi.com (D. J. Hawkey Jr. aka djhjr)

October 1, 2004
VTWM 5.4.6b (bugfix release) released for public consumption.
vtwm-5.4.6a-to-5.4.6b.udiff patch file released.

Fixed a bug causing sporadic restarts when realizing unmanaged windows.

From Seth Robertson <seth@baka.org> and Callum Gibson <callum.gibson@db.com>:
Patch for the above.

September 1, 2001
VTWM 5.4.6a released for public consumption.
vtwm-5.4.6-to-5.4.6a.udiff patch file released.

August 25, 2002
Better random placement of large windows.

From Seth Robertson <seth@baka.org>:
Patch for the above.

August 23, 2002
[add_window.c] [applets.c] [gram.y] [parse.c] [twm.c] [screen.h]
Support for borderless windows.

From Tim Wiess <tim@zetaflops.net>:
Patches for the above.

Added the following variable:
NoBorder l

April 28, 2002
Improved the list parser in contrib/support/sysrc_add_apps.sh.

April 9, 2002
Fixed a focus problem with transient windows.

December 2, 2001
[menus.c] [twm.c]
Added "-p" command line switch for a runtime PID file,

November 20, 2001
MakeTitle now overrides NoTitle like it's supposed to.

November 15, 2001
[add_window.c] [doors.c] [menus.c]
Doors are drawn during opaque interactive creation now.

November 8, 2001
[events.c] [menus.c] [version.c]
Fixed bugs I introduced regarding icon managers and warp rings. This should end f.warpring problems.

November 3, 2001
VTWM 5.4.6 released for public consumption.

October 20 & 21, 2001
[*akefile*] [applets.c] [gram.y] [icons.c] [lex.l] [list.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [regions.c] [util.c] [list.h] [regions.h]
Added support for POSIX 1003.2 regular expressions ("RE"s) in resource file window lists.

October 11, 2001
[menus.c] [parse.c] [resize.c] [twm.c] [util.c] [screen.h]
Fixed window resizing via icon managers and the virtual desktop and window moves (f.move) via the virtual desktop.
Improved virtual desktop updates after window resizes and moves. Zooms are aware of icon managers now. Random zooms during deiconification are controlled by a variable now.

Added the following variable:

October 2 & 3, 2001
[events.c] [iconmgr.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [parse.h]
A new feature to make icon managers function strictly as icon managers, listing only iconified windows.

Added the following variable:
Added the following function:

September 24 - 28, 2001
A new script in the contrib/support directory can add installed applications to the system default resource file.

[*akefile*] [system.vtwmrc*] [add_window.c] [desktop.c]
Ensure the built-in resources and build info are current.
Made the system default resource files a bit more useful and appealing. Fixed transposed default desktop foreground
and background colors.

From Michael Dales <michael@dcs.gla.ac.uk>:
Work on the bug where windows may be mapped in desktop (0,0) regardless of the desktop's virtual location.

From Rolf Neugebauer <neugebar@dcs.gla.ac.uk>:
Fixed positioning errors for the icon manager and virtual desktop windows.

August 16, 2001
[gram.y] [parse.c] [sound.c]
Added micro-manageable volume control.

Changed the following variable:
Sounds l

August 3, 2001
Added another build hint to the INSTALL file.

June 22 & 23, 2001
[*akefile*] [events.c] [gram.y] [iconmgr.c] [menus.c] [parse.c]
[sound.c] [twm.c] [menus.h] [parse.h] [screen.h] [sound.h] [twm.h]
Sound effects are now supported, by way of the rplay library and daemon. Updated the doc and contrib directories.

Added the following variables:
PauseOnExit n
PauseOnQuit n
SoundHost s
Sounds l
SoundVolume n
Added the following function:

October 24 & 31, 2000
[doors.c] [menus.c]
Sanity checks on door renames. Fixed two menu repaint bugs.

August 23, 2000
Fixed a menu scroll bug.

June 14 & 21, 2000
Plugged holes where executing f.warptoiconmgr when thene is no icon manager to warp to, and f.warpclass* when there is no class, window, or focus, blew VTWM out of the water.

June 4, 2000
[twm.c] [util.c] [screen.h] [twm.h]
Added four new built-in window button images: ":darrow",
":rarrow", ":xpm:darrow", and ":xpm:rarrow".

May 28 - 31, 2000
Added two more build hints to the INSTALL file.

[iconmgr.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [menus.h] [parse.h]
When the pointer would end up in an AutoPan border on warps, it is adjusted out, preventing unwanted screen pans. All the f.*iconmgr warp functions honor the WarpSnug and WarpWindows variables now (or absence of). The WarpSnug state can now be toggled.

From Ugen Antsilevitch <ugen@xonix.com>:
Support for warping only to visible windows.

Added the following variable:
Added the following functions:

May 22 - 24, 2000
[menus.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [menus.h] [screen.h]
Added "scrollability" to menus that would be taller than the display (inspired by the neXtaw SimpleMenu widget).

Added the following variables:
MenuScrollBorderWidth n
MenuScrollJump n

April 1, 2000
Added another build hint to the INSTALL file.

Made the pointer warp to the titlebar on a squeeze operation if WarpCursor is set on, a la zoom operations.

September 28, 1999
[desktop.c] [icons.c] [util.c]
When moving an application window in the virtual desktop, the border of the corresponding real screen window now highlights as required. Streamlined the handling of transparent pixmaps for window buttons, improving exposure response to pointer-driven focus changes.

September 21, 1999
[add_window.c] [iconmgr.c] [menus.c]
Icon managers now honor the IconifyByUnmapping resource.
Fixed a bug where removing the last entry in an iconifie icon manager didn't unmap that icon, and it contained an empty entry when deiconified. Fixed the f.hideiconmgr and f.showiconmgr functions so that they now work against icon managers that are defined with the IconManagers resource.
More work on the "Don't iconify if can't deiconify" logic.

September 14 & 15, 1999
[*akefile*] [events.c] [menus.c]
Fixed the notorious "Can't resize or move from icon managers and menus not of the root or window in question" bug. Woo-woo!

From Mehul N. Sanghvi <mehul@kirsun.ne.mediaone.net>:
Additional tweaks to the *akefile*s for more flexible installations.

September 10 & 11, 1999
Moved the man page into the doc directory. On request, renamed the lnf directory to contrib.

[*akefile*] [events.c] [menus.c] [resize.c]
Changed the *akefile*s to accomodate the above, as the man page is now included in 'make install'. Reverted the setting of the context of a door's frame to that prior to the change on May 13 (it wasn't needed after all). Added code to prevent iconifying windows that don't have provision to deiconify or
otherwise restore them. Fixed f.destroy and f.delete so that they can be safely used on doors, icon managers, and the virtual desktop. Fixed the zooming of doors, icon managers and the virtual desktop so that their contents adjust to the new size.

June 18 & 22, 1999
[menus.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [util.c] [screen.h]
Fixed a bug, noted by "digs", where the truncation of long titles messed up in titlebars that don't have any left-side buttons. Added a new variable to see that iconified transient windows of an iconified parent window aren't deiconified when that parent is.

Added the following variable:

May 22, 1999
[applets.c] [icons.c]
The same small tweak in both to have the region layout logic disregard grid spacing in determining whether a window will fit (clarified the man page accordingly).

May 10 & 13, 1999
[doors.c] [events.c] [menus.c] [util.c]
Relaxed the door geometry parser, allowing omission of the position. Fixed a bug where rodent button events on a door's frame didn't correctly set the context, and added a kludge to "fix" not getting the rodent button up event.
Applied the XPM library's color closeness attribute to external pixmap images. Updated the resource files in lnf to demonstrate some of m4's capabilities.

April 26 & 27, 1999
[*akefile*] [add_window.c] [applets.c] [doors.c] [events.c]
[gram.y] [icons.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [regions.c] [twm.c]
[regions.h] [screen.h]
By cleverly re-using the code for icon regions, a new window management scheme, applet regions, is born! Moved the generic functions of icons.c into a new regions.c, renamed icons.h to regions.h, copied and modified the remaining icons.c to create applets.c, and made all this known to the rest of the
modules above. Setting up all those little tool applications is now just a matter of dropping them into a list resource!

Added the following variable:
AppletRegion g s s n n l

February 28 & March 1, 1999
[doors.c] [events.c] [iconmgr.c] [menus.c] [resize.c] [events.h]
Doors, icon managers, and the virtual desktop now get redrawn during opaque resizes (I have yet to figure out how to redraw doors during interactive creation). The first two also have minimum sizes imposed on them now. Fixed the icon manager's class assignment; it's visible to resource list entries now.
Skip re-mapping of the virtual desktop to clean up outline droppings if the window moved or resized is itself.

February 22 & 23, 1999
[desktop.c] [menus.c] [resize.c]
Added a trap to prevent resizing windows via the virtual desktop (it's horribly broken). Imposed a minimum size on the virtual desktop, that of the scaled real screen.

February 20, 1999
[add_window.c] [events.c] [parse.c] [twm.c]
The window's icon name now has it's own memory space; this to keep some apps from blowing VTWM out of the water when they change it. Added support for user-defined m4 parameters passed from the command line.

February 15 & 16, 1999
[desktop.c] [icons.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [screen.h]
If the RealScreenBorderWidth resource is defined, is there any reason why the UseRealScreenBorder resource wouldn't be? More fixes for the virtual desktop; these to properly accomodate the real screen's border.

From Caveh Frank Jalali <caveh@eng.sun.com>:
A last tweak for icon images on multiple screens.

Removed the following variable:

February 10 & 13, 1999
[events.c] [resize.c] [util.c]
Hacked in code to see that the virtual desktop's bevel gets redrawn after being resized. Ick.

From Caveh Frank Jalali <caveh@eng.sun.com>:
Tweaks to correct the painting of external images on multiple screens.

February 5 - 9, 1999
[system.vtwmrc*] [desktop.c] [doors.c] [events.c] [parse.c]
[twm.c] [util.c] [screen.h] [twm.h]
Doors and the virtual desktop can now be rendered in 3D.
Doors now override real screen snapping on entry. Fixed a few bugs regarding the virtual desktop when it's resized; these may have been responsible for the problems noted in previous releases, because they don't happen anymore!
Added a resource to override title truncation when in short titlebars and icon managers.

Added the following variables:
DoorBevelWidth n
VirtualDesktopBevelWidth n

January 30, 1999
[*akefile*] [menus.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [version.c]
Added compiled-in options to the build info in the version window.

From Jason Gloudon <jdg@world.std.com>:
Added m4 pre-processing of resource files. Woo-woo!

January 10 & 14, 1999
[add_window.c] [doors.c] [menus.c] [parse.c]
Added proper tests for success of XGetWindowProperty() calls to fix getting icon names, window states, and pixel atoms from the X server. Fixed a bug in the display of a renamed door.

December 26 & 28, 1998
[icons.c] [twm.c] [util.c] [screen.h]
Fixed a bug where icon bitmaps were rendered with the wrong color. The X database resource "*bitmapFilePath" is now searched for pixmap image files, like that for bitmap image files.

December 10 & 14, 1998
[desktop.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [menus.h] [parse.h]
Non-nailed icons can now stay put at their locations on the virtual desktop. The titlebar height now adjusts to external button images. Added a few button image files to lnf.

Added the following variable:
Added the following function:

November 15 - 16, 1998
[Imakefile] [desktop.c] [events.c] [menus.c]
Fixed the PanResistance resource's not recognizing when the pointer has left the autopan windows. Fixed the "orphaning" of intermediate parent menu(s) when skipping them for some superior parent menu.

From Steve Ratcliffe <sterat@dial.pipex.com>:
Moved $(NO_XPM_SUPPORT) into DEFINES for global visibility, and removed several SpecialObjectRule()s.

From Michel Eyckmans <mce@ping.be>:
Fixed deferred execution on keyboard events when the root window has focus.

September 27, 1998
[menus.c] [resize.c] [version.c]

From Goran Larsson <hoh@lorelei.approve.se>:
Fixed text display bug in the size and position windows.

VTWM 5.4.5a released for public consumption.
vtwm-5.4.5-to-5.4.5a.txt patch file released.

September 14, 1998
Established a directory, doc, for all the documentation that has accumulated through time. The HINTS file is now called INSTALL, and is more comprehensive.

The menu, resize and X logo built-in bitmaps now account for the ButtonBevelWidth variable.

VTWM 5.4.5 released for public consumption.

September 8 - 10, 1998
[events.c] [iconmgr.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [screen.h]
Fixed a bug with icon manager geometries that would blow VTWM out of the water. Added code to make it a little harder to accidentally pan to an adjacent virtual screen.

Added the following variable:
PanResistance n

September 4 - 5, 1998
[events.c] [menus.c] [resize.c] [resize.h]
Fixed another pixmap oversight, this one for icons, noted by C. F. Jalali. Applied the MoveDelta variable to window resizing and initial menu highlighting.

From Steve Ratcliffe <sterat@dial.pipex.com>:
Fixed a bug for the AutoPan variable, when the pan windows are obscured by a newly-raised window.

September 2, 1998
[add_window.c] [desktop.c] [util.c] [util.h]
Plugged a memory leak, as noted by Jason Gloudon, where transparent pixmap resources weren't freed before re-use.

August 23 - 27, 1998
[add_window] [events.c] [icons.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [twm.c]
Fixed a bug where the titlebar highlight wasn't erased when focus was unset and the BeNiceToColormap and SunkFocusWindowTitle variables were used.

From Steve Ratcliffe <sterat@dial.pipex.com>:
Tweaks to suppress menu highlighting on mapping, relieve CPU consumption on menus bound to rodent buttons, and allow a second rodent button press to cancel menus. A safer approach to the RaiseDelay variable's timeout.

From Jason Gloudon <jgloudon@bbn.com>:
Tweaks to streamline icon bitmap handling, and fixed the painting of non-transparent titlebar highlight pixmaps.

From Caveh Frank Jalali <caveh@eng.sun.com>:
Fixed a bug I introduced where non-3D borders were always rendered as highlighted! Tweaks to correct the painting of built-in images on multiple screens.
Fixed some bugs in colormap management. Tweaks for application-defined icon border widths.

August 10 - 14, 1998
All references to and mention of the shadow contrast and shadow width variables have been changed to *BevelContrast and *BevelWidth.

[add_window.c] [doors.c] [events.c] [iconmgr.c] [icons.c]
[menus.c] [parse.c] [resize.c] [twm.c] [util.c] [version.c]
Fixed an oversight, color (XPM) image support for the UnknownIcon variable and application-specified icons. Window buttons are now beveled when external images are used. The *BevelWidth variables render the UseThreeD* variables obsolete. The ThreeDBorderWidth variable is superfluous, too, no?

Removed the following variables:
ThreeDBorderWidth n
Added the following variables:
ButtonBevelWidth n
IconBevelWidth n
Changed the following variable:
UnknownIcon s

July 31 & August 3, 1998
Discovered that VTWM supports a subset of regex wildcards for list variables! It's in the man page now.

[events.c] [menus.c] [twm.c] [twm.h]
Another tweak to the f.warpclass* functions, to properly handle multiple icon managers. Added a signal handler for external restarts (adapted from TVTWM pl11).

July 15 - 17, 1998
[desktop.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [resize.c] [parse.h]
Added code to restart using a specified window manager.
A few changes to grab the server during non-opaque moves and resizes, regardless of the NoGrabServer variable.

Added the following function:
f.startwm s

July 2 & 14, 1998
Made the borders of windows without titlebars forward key events to the application, like titlebars do. I think the various warps from icon managers are sorted out now.

June 25, 1998
[gram.y] [menus.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [screen.h]
Aliased a new variable, OldFashionedVtwmWindowsMenu, to the OldFashionedTwmWindowsMenu variable, just for consistancy.

From Erik Agsjo <erik.agsjo@aktiedirekt.com>:
Added code to support two new variable(s).

Added the following variables:
DontShowInTwmWindows l
DontShowInVtwmWindows l

June 10 - 15, 1998
[events.c] [iconmgr.c] [menus.c]
Had to make an exception for icon managers regarding warps, that their window border isn't the destination, because I can't figure out how to make the appropriate entry active when one isn't without screwing up something else. BAH! Added a few "prevents" when there isn't an icon manager mapped. The
f.warpclass* functions now behave correctly when an empty string is used on windows without titlebars or on VTWM-specific windows.

June 3 - 6, 1998
[add_window.c] [desktop.c] [events.c] [menus.c] [resize.c]
Made initial window placement adjust to client borderwidths, depending on related variables. The virtual desktop is now re-mapped after non-opaque moves and resizes to clean up any outline droppings left on it when the Virtual*MotionEvents variables are set. The window border of the virtual desktop
now honors key bindings to "virtual". Doors and their borders are now sensitive to key bindings, too.

May 27, 1998
[events.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [screen.h]
Added code to not set focus from icon manager entries to the corresponding application windows, for binding keys that otherwise would get forwarded.

Added the following variable:

May 24, 1998
Established a directory, lnf (look n' feel), for the previously included sample resource and image files, and added a couple more to it. Renamed some files: marcel.vtwm to .vtwmrc-marcel, djhjr.vtwmrc to .vtwmrc-95ish, djhjr.vtwmpm to djhjr.xpm, realscr.bm to nestedsqu.xbm, and siconify.bm to siconify.xbm.

[iconmgr.c] [util.c]
Changed to handle the above.

May 17 - 23, 1998
[add_window.c] [desktop.c] [iconmgr.c] [menus.c] [twm.c] [util.c]
[screen.h] [util.h]
Found and plugged the hole in the original menu handler that would blow VTWM out of the water when the pointer scrolled down past the last entry. Gave the icon manager and virtual desktop resource classes. The f.warpclass* functions will now exhibit reasonable behavior when an empty string is used on windows without titlebars or on VTWM-specific windows. The three entries of the Pixmaps variable now fully support color (XPM) images - this does render the nexpm utility obsolete in regard to VTWM, but it's still included in the distribution.
The external image support for window buttons is better, but still not perfect (see BUGS).

Changed the following variable:
Pixmaps l

May 11 - 13, 1998
[add_window.c] [events.c] [menus.c] [twm.h]
The f.warpclassprev and f.warpclassnext functions now accept an empty string, meaning the class of the window with focus, and the first actually goes backwards now! Tweaks made to those and the f.warpring function so its destination is a titlebar or border like the other warp functions, and it now remembers the window to warp to when invoked from the root window, unless the target window was unmapped (leaving the pointer on the root
window), in which case it will no longer skip the first window in the ring. All warping functions now honor the WarpUnmapped variable a la the f.warpto function.

Changed the following functions:
f.warpclassprev s
f.warpclassnext s
f.warpring s
f.warptoiconmgr s

April 26 - May 5, 1998
[add_window.c] [desktop.c] [events.c] [gram.y] [iconmgr.c]
[icons.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [resize.c] [twm.c] [util.c]
[menus.h] [screen.h] [twm.h]
The 3D rendition of icons is now governed by its own variable.
The 3D bevel widths are configurable now, and related elements are sized and positioned accordingly. Virtual window geometries now account for 3D borders. Virtual-to-real window scaling and positioning errors have been reduced. The position window now reports during moves in the virtual desktop. Re-instated the effects of the RightHandSidePulldownMenus variable! Changed the foreground color for the built-in "TwmWindows" menu to that of
the global variable, and aliased it's name to "VTWM Windows", just for consistancy's sake.

Added the following variables:
BorderBevelWidth n
IconManagerBevelWidth n
InfoBevelWidth n
MenuBevelWidth n
TitleBevelWidth n

From Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe@math.utah.edu>:
Even more tweaks for portability, most notably, restoring X11R4 compatability by not including the X11R5,6 headers Xosdefs.h and Xfuncs.h! X11R5,6 don't seem to mind.

April 20 - 23, 1998

From Steve Ratcliffe <sterat@dial.pipex.com>:
Added a test for the child window of the selected window.

[*akefile*] [add_window.c] [desktop.c] [doors.c] [events.c]
[lex.l] [menus.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [util.c] [doors.h] [parse.h]
Purged GNU-specific syntax from this new Imakefile, and changed the NO_PUTENV definition to NEED_PUTENV_F, for consistancy.
Added code to support pasting a name into a door (adapted from VTWM 5.2b).

Added the following function:

From Steve Ratcliffe <sterat@dial.pipex.com>:
Many tweaks made in the name of Portability. The snug variables now take border width into account.

From Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe@math.utah.edu>:
Many more tweaks for portability's sake.

April 14 - 17, 1998
[add_window.c] [desktop.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [resize.c]
[twm.c] [resize.h] [screen.h]
When windows are created, they now honor the opaque variables when the RandomPlacement variable is not set. While moving and resizing windows on the real screen, the virtual desktop now responds in kind, and visa-versa. The NoGrabServer variable now sees to it the server is actually not grabbed! The position window now reports during constrained moves.

Added the following variables:

April 1 - 8, 1998
[*akefile*] [system.vtwmrc*] [add_window.c] [gram.y] [menus.c]
[parse.c] [resize.c] [twm.c] [util.c] [screen.h] [twm.h] [util.h]
Added a define supporting a 2D or 3D system default resource file, and made that file a bit more useful. Added code for opaque resizing, and all opaque variables now support lists. Many tweaks to make titlebar-related variables consistant with respect to each other and 3D rendition of the various elements.

Added the following variables:
OpaqueResize [l]
NoOpaqueResize [l]
NoOpaqueMove [l]
Changed the following variable:
OpaqueMove [l]

March 29 - 30, 1998
[Imakefile] [events.c] [util.c]
Added the system Imake.tmpl macro for flex's library (should be absent or an empty string on systems with lex). Added code to properly truncate, then add ellipses to, titles that are longer than the space they're drawn on.

March 23 - 24, 1998
[gram.y] [util.c]
Fixed the rendition of a squeezed titlebar's right-side 3D
border (a silly gunkulation error).

From Jason Gloudon <jgloudon@bbn.com>:
Support for bison.

March 20 - 22, 1998
[add_window.c] [util.c] [version.c]
Added color image (XPM) support for window buttons. Jason's code for color icon images made it a breeze, but it's not perfect (see BUGS).

VTWM 5.4.4c released for public consumption.
vtwm-5.4.4b-to-5.4.4c.txt patch file released.

March 14 - 15, 1998
[events.c] [menus.c] [version.c]
Fixed a bug where the window buttons would get painted with the border color when the background color should have been used.

From Steve Ratcliffe <sterat@dial.pipex.com>:
Fixed warping to titlebars not flush left.

VTWM 5.4.4b released for public consumption.
vtwm-5.4.4a-to-5.4.4b.txt patch file released.

February 5, 1998
[*akefile*] [events.c] [menus.c] [util.c] [version.c]
Tweaks to accomodate the following made to the *akefile*s.

From Takeharu Kato <magician@maekawa.is.uec.ac.jp>:
Fixed a fault causing a SIGSEGV in the info window, and the use of a depreciated constant in the XPM library.

VTWM 5.4.4a released for public consumption.
vtwm-5.4.4-to-5.4.4a.txt patch file released.

February 2, 1998
VTWM 5.4.4 released for public consumption.

January 27, 1998
[add_window.c] [iconmgr.c] [parse.c] [twm.c] [screen.h] [gram.y]
Added a variable to tell the icon manager whether or not to highlight its entries as an indication of pointer location, regardless of the NoHighlight variable.

Added the following variable:

From Nicholas Jacobs <nicholas_jacobs@hotmail.com>:
A better effort at getting a name for the window.

January 24, 1998
[desktop.c] [menus.c]
Allow screen warps to honor the SnapRealScreen variable.
Added a kludge to "fix" screen warps to de-iconifying windows not on the real screen (high degree of confidence it's not the source of the problem).

January 21, 1998
Added the HINTS file to the distribution. Moved and added many function declarations into header files (quieter builds!). Other miscellaneous tweaks.

December 28, 1997, January 1 - 19, 1998
Changed the window name sought by `nexpm -vtwm ...` to match the virtual desktop's name. It's a wonder nobody's noticed!

[*akefile*] [add_window.c] [cursor.c] [desktop.c] [doors.c]
[events.c] [gc.c] [icons.c] [list.c] [menus.c] [parse.c] [resize.c]
[twm.c] [util.c] [util.h] [version.c] [screen.h] [gram.y]
Rewrote most of the 3D border code, adding, among other things, drawing the top border segment when 3D borders are used with squeezed titlebars! Simplified the meaning of the SqueezeTitle variable list parameters. Fixed a bug causing SIGFPEs when pan distances are set to zero. Added a bug workaround to try to make managed windows used as transients behave, a la the FixTransientVirtualGeometries variable (seldom needed, just as
bad, but mostly works). Fixed an oversight of mine, not initializing monochrome GCs! Enabled a variable to go easy on the colormap (doesn't render perfectly yet). Use the system Imake.tmpl macro for yacc and removed all escaped characters from the lastmake.c rule in the *akefile*s. Clarified the pan
distance variable descriptions in the man page.

Added the following variables:

From Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe@math.utah.edu>:
On startup, VTWM now searches for user and system .vtwmrc files, then user and system .twmrc files, in this order.
Fixed and added many declarations and definitions. Updated the man page. Support for HTML and Postscript versions of the man page added to the *akefile*s.

From Jason Gloudon <jgloudon@bbn.com>:
Color image (XPM) support for icons.

Added a pixmap (djhjr.vtwmpm) referenced in my resource file (djhjr.vtwmrc) for an example of the nexpm utility.

Pruned the R4 Imakefile from the tree.

Pruned the vtwmrc/ directory from the distribution tree. No offense to Mr. Betza, but it made little sense (to me), was five years old, was very esoteric, and anyone who wants it probably already has it.

November 17, 1997
VTWM 5.4.3 released for public consumption.

November 17 - 19, 1997
[events.c] [menus.c] [util.c] [util.h] [version.c]
Fixed a bug where the wrong variable was being used to highlight the window border that has focus. Fixed an omission where the window buttons would not follow the border color when highlighted and the ButtonColorIsFrame variable is true.
Added a hack to trap corrupted/invalid window button names.

October 27, 1997
VTWM 5.4.2 released for public consumption.

March 12 - 14, 1997
[add_window.c] [menus.c] [twm.c] [util.c]
Added code to properly paint the window buttons in the same color as their titlebar on a restart operation. Woo-woo!
Numerous changes to accomodate added buttons and squeezed titlebars - I had previously overlooked these. Made a few variables un-alterable when 3D appearances are used. Now closes the display before spawning the new WM on a restart operation - free alloc'd memory in the X server?

September 25 - 26, 1996
Changed code to properly scale menus to the fonts used.

September 14 - 21, 1996
[*akefile*] [add_window.c] [iconmgr.c] [menus.c] [resize.c]
[twm.h] [util.c] [version.h] [*akefil*] [vtwm.man]
Fixed a bug in zooms that I introduced! Applied the backing store and NoBackingStore variables to the Icon Manager and titlebars (defeats effects of RaiseDelay). Made the pointer warp to the titlebar on a zoom operation if WarpCursor is set on. The function f.showdesktopdisplay now deiconifies as
required. Working on code to make the window buttons stay the same color as their titlebar on a restart operation (obviously wasn't thought about much before). Added build info to the version window by having the *akefile*s create a temporary C module.

Added the following variable:

September 10 - 12, 1996
[events.c] [menus.c]
Added code preventing the virtual desktop window and Door windows from doing harm. Fixed a bug when trying to move the virtual desktop window with the pointer; see the notes in djhjr.vtwmrc pertaining to the virtual desktop, it's related, and the BUGS file.

June 26, 1996
[screen.h] [parse.c] [twm.c] [util.c] [vtwm.man]
Tweaked the 3D menu icons to look a little more like menus.
Made the 3D Icon Manager iconified indicators "shallow" to match the 3D menu icons. Added code for Motif-ish "shallow" relief in 3D titlebars and buttons to matches the others.

Added the following variable:

June 11, 1996
[icons.c] [events.c]
Tweaked the hard-coded geometries for a better 3D appearance on icons (looks best with IconBorderWidth set to 0).

April 18 - May 19, 1996
[add_window.c] [desktop.c] [doors.c] [doors.h] [events.c]
[gram.y] [iconmgr.c] [iconmgr.h] [icons.c] [menus.c] [menus.h]
[parse.c] [resize.c] [screen.h] [twm.c] [twm.h] [util.c] [util.h]
Modifications and/or additions to the above modules for a 3D appearance, menu separators, a position window, info window fonts, resize/position window locations, and other minor tweaks (listed below). All should be initialled and dated. Changed as many as convenient boolean shorts to bits in a Slim-Fast effort (the only executable code changed was due to renaming the variable SnapRealScreen to snapRealScreen; the shorts maybe reinstated with '#define ORIGINAL_SHORTS').
Changed "Twm Door" to "VTWM Door", in the name of Consistancy.
Changed "Virtual Desktop" to "VTWM Desktop". Ditto. Changed the code to center Door names in their windows. It *is* correct, but only looks more correct. Took liberties with the SunkFocusWindowTitle function. I think it more pleasing. Took liberties with other code too, look for '#ifdef ORIGINAL_'.
A couple of changes for a cleaner compile (what were 'int' functions are now 'void', etc.). Rem'd out code no longer valid due to these changes.

Added the following variables:
ThreeDBorderWidth n
ClearBevelContrast n
DarkBevelContrast n
InfoFont s
ResizeRegion s
Added the following function:

Updated the man page.
Included my .vtwmrc (djhjr.vtwmrc) in this distribution.

See also the files 4.ANNOUNCE, 4.README, and BUGS.

============ vtwm-5.3.tar.gz =============
dsembr01@starbase.spd.louisville.edu (Darren S. Embry)

Tuesday, 1994 January 4, 16:43:32 EST
[menus.c] Autopanned windows are now raised when Autopan is turned back on via f.autopan.

Monday, 1994 January 3, 20:49:22 EST
f.stickyabove (or f.nailedabove)

Monday, 1994 January 3, 19:29:07 EST / dsembr01
[twm.c] The "VTWM Profile" function is now executed after starting/restarting the window manager.

Friday, 1993 November 26, 15:37:01 EST / dsembr01
[vtwm.man] Some previously undocumented functions have now been documented. Please use them at your own risk:

f.twmrc [same as f.restart anyway]

Saturday, 1993 November 6, 19:03:28 EST / dsembr01
[desktop.c] Small bug fix regarding representations of nailed windows on the virtual desktop; it was obvious and obviously unintentional.

Tue Nov 2 20:05:44 EST 1993 dsembr01

Wed Oct 27 12:29:38 EDT 1993 dsembr01
MenuTitleFont (this code also came from tvtwm)

Tue Oct 26 19:41:04 EDT 1993 pf@z-code.z-code.com (Paul Falstad)

Mon Oct 25 21:08:40 EDT 1993 dsembr01
If StickyAbove is set, f.nail will raise all sticky windows to make sure nailed windows stay above.

Mon Oct 25 19:48:33 EDT 1993 dsembr01
FixTransientVirtualGeometries, a BUG WORKAROUND!!
(Any better ideas, folks? -- DSE)

Mon Oct 25 17:13:00 EDT 1993 dsembr01
DontInterpolateTitles, from tvtwm -- thanks to cross@eng.umd.edu (Chris P. Ross) for letting me use his code.

Sun Oct 24 16:16:52 EDT 1993 dsembr01
f.lower now won't lower the window if it is nailed down and StickyAbove is set.

Tue Oct 19 18:03:35 EDT 1993 dsembr01
StickyAbove (I didn't take any of the code for this from tvtwm; just the idea.)

Mon Oct 18 21:14:04 EDT 1993 dsembr01
Fixed autopanning bug that would *sometimes* not allow AutoPan to work if the focus was on a window, since the autopan windows (on the edges of the real screen) weren't raised.

Sat Oct 16 18:23:43 EDT 1993 dsembr01
Nailed windows now *always* go on the real screen, wherever the real screen is.

Wed Oct 13 12:21:54 EDT 1993 dsembr01
Aliased "f.stick" to "f.nail", for greater compatibility (or less incompatibility) between .vtwmrc and .tvtwmrc, just for the hell of it.

Mon Oct 11 21:06:09 EDT 1993 dsembr01
Fixed a bug that would make the window manager mess up if "AutoPan 100" and "AutoPanWarpWithRespectToRealScreen 100" (a.k.a. "NaturalAutoPanBehavior") were set. I wanted to set my window manager to behave like fvwm (in the autopanning sense of the word) when I discovered this.

Mon Oct 11 09:14:58 PDT 1993 leisner@eso.mc.xerox.com (Marty Leisner)
Included small patches to Imakefile from Marty Leisner.

Mon Oct 11 17:04:35 EDT 1993 dsembr01
NoDefaultMouseAndKeyboardBindings so someone could use either the default title or keyboard bindings, but not necessarily both.

============ vtwm-5.2.2.tar.gz =============

dsembr01@starbase.spd.louisville.edu (Darren S. Embry)
Used another bug workaround to support negative door geometries; the old one I did messed up with positive door geometries, especially "+0+0".

============ vtwm-5.2.1.tar.gz =============

dsembr01@starbase.spd.louisville.edu (Darren S. Embry)

Support for negative and "0,0" door geometries.

============ vtwm-5.2.tar.Z =============

Various contributions:

gnohmon@ssiny.com (Ralph Betza)
StayUpMenus from tvtwm code

Improved window movement in the panner Restored the ability to rescale the desktop

futzi@uni-paderborn.de (Michael Kutzner)
Class-name was compared twice in menus.c (applies also to vtwm-5.0)

Stig Ostholm <ostholm%ce.chalmers.se@uunet>
Problem when windows are resized without vtwm interaction cleaning up of the desktop code to minimize vtwm - server interaction.
Imakefile patch allows vtwm to be installed in another location (applies also to vtwm-5.0)

eyckmans@imec.be (M. Eyckmans)
Allow #rrggbb colors in X11R4

Tony Brannigan <tbrann@ox.ac.uk>
AutoPanX, AutoPanY

dana@thumper.bellcore.com (Dana A. Chee)
Added fix which allows key presses to move a window (menus.c, events.c)

Alec Wolman <wolman@crl.dec.com>
WindowRing can now specify "all windows" by leaving off the Window List

Can specify x or y = 0 in door location now

Tue Jul 20 15:22:49 EDT 1993
Thu Oct 1 17:47:37 1992 Dana A. Chee (dana@dino)
* Added fix which allows key presses to move a window (menus.c,
Fri May 29 14:20:53 1992 Dana A. Chee (dana@dino)
* Fixed bug in do_single_keyword (break should be return), sent in by George Ross <gdmr@dcs.edinburgh.ac.uk> (parse.c)
[Editor's note: a very popular bug to send in the fix for!]
* Autoraise can now specify "all windows" by leaving off the Window List, sent in by Alec Wolman <wolman@crl.dec.com>
[Editor's note: this was previously done by the RaiseDelay patch]
* WindowRing can now specify "all windows" by leaving off the Window List, sent in by Alec Wolman <wolman@crl.dec.com>
(add_window.c, gram.y, screen.h, twm.c, vtwm.man)
* Initial Placement of virtual desktop fixed, sent in by Alec Wolman
[Editor's note: this was previously done]
* Can specify x or y = 0 in door location now, sent in by Alec Wolman <wolman@crl.dec.com> (doors.c)
* Update man page to mention NoVirtualGeometries variable (vtwm.man)
* Updated patchlevel (patchlevel.h)
[Editor's note: we don't have one! ]
Thu Mar 26 12:31:09 1992 Dana A. Chee (dana@dino)
* F_LOWER now lowers the window in the virtual desktop as well

Thu Jul 15 14:03:01 DST 1993 Marcel Mol (marcel@duteca.et.tudelft.nl)
* Includes F_WARPTO patch from futzi@uni-paderborn.de (Michael Kutzner)
Patched this patch to check for name, class and classname in a single for loop.
* Changed syntax of 'VirtualDesktop' variable. Now can set desktop as number of screens, as size of virtual desktop window or as size of whole desktop.
* Fixed unharmful bug when NotVirtualGeometries was set. (vtwm comlains about "unknown singleton keyword")
* Added f.virtualgeometries function to toggle virtual geometries settings.
* Added f.deletedoor function to delete a door. Don't know if I correctly released all memory allocated to the door. Any X-Wizard???
* Updated man page

========= vtwm-5.1.tar.Z ==============

Thu Jun 24 15:24:36 EDT 1993 Ralph Betza (gnohmon@ssiny.com)

* Includes RaiseDelay patch from Warren Jessop, University of Washington, whj@cs.washington.edu

* Includes snug patch from thoth@reef.cis.ufl.edu (Gilligan)

* Includes patch vtwm.5.1.ptch from tar@math.ksu.edu (Tim Ramsey)

* Includes panner background pixmap, panner foreground color, dynamic warpring, dynamic squeezetitle, TWM-Window menu colors, RealScreen foreground, background, and colors, corrections to placement of the little windows in the panner, additional cursors, and maybe a few other things I
forgot to mention, from me, Ralph Betza (gnohmon@ssiny.com)

Tue Mar 24 13:15:11 1992 Dana A. Chee (dana@dino)

* fixed problem with key presses in virtual desktop not working (had an if test wrong in events.c)
* released to export.

Wed Feb 19 13:37:57 1992 Dana A. Chee (dana at dino)

* Converted vtwm to use the source of twm from R5 (my base was vtwm 4.0 gamma). Released it to export.lcs.mit.edu
* Cut and paste missed resize grabs, added them back in
* Botched ask_user stuff in add_window, fixed that up.
* Removed broken copy from export.

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